Images of The Invisible-Prospection Methods For The Documentation of Threatened Archaeological Sites

Aerial Photograph

Publication: Naturwissenschaften, Vol. 88, No. 1

Author: Wolfgang Neubauer

Date of Publication: January 2001

PDF File: Neubauer-2001-Images-of-the-invisible-prospection-methods-for-th.pdf



To understand the development of prehistoric cultural and economic activities, archaeologists try to

obtain as much relevant information as possible. For this purpose, large numbers of similar sites must be identified, usually by non-destructive prospection methods such as aerial photography and geophysical prospection. Aerial archaeology is most effective in locating sites and the use of digital photogrammetry provides maps with high accuracy. For geophysical prospection mainly geomagnetic and geoelectrical methods or the ground-penetrating radar method are used. Near-surface measurements of the respective contrasts within physical properties of the archaeological structures and the surrounding material allows detailed mapping of the inner structures of the sites investigated.