Preserving Gravelly Ford

The Oregon-California Trails Association in cooperation with Nevada Gold Mines brings you the story of Gravelly Ford, a 19th century California Trail crossing of the Humboldt River, where the Donner Party camped, and unknown emigrant graves still exist. Learn how this partnership evolved to preserve history. The Oregon-California Trails Association is the pre-eminent guardian and promoter of the inspirational story of the 19th century westward migration, which is unique in world history. Our mission is to protect the Historic Emigrant Trails legacy by promoting research, education, preservation activities and public awareness of the trails, and to work with others to promote these causes. Copyright 2023 The Oregon-California Trails Association. All Rights Reserved Enjoy this highly lauded 30-minute documentary today!

A man sits in front of a wagonwheel

Wagon Master: Hansen’s Hand-Crafted History

This is the story of how Doug Hansen learned to handcraft 19th-century wheeled vehicles, with curiosity and fortitude as his guides. Through his own ingenuity and observation, he is recovering knowledge of how to build handcrafted wagons from a bygone era. A much sought-after craftsman, Doug and his team have built wagons and stagecoaches for Hollywood (Yellowstone, 1883, Dances With Wolves, The Hateful Eight) and corporate America (Anheuser-Busch, Wells Fargo, Disney), and his team also restores old vehicles for museums and others. Enjoy this highly lauded 30-minute documentary today!

mules walking down a trail in the desert

History and Change on the Old Spanish Trail: Mountain Springs to Salt Creek

When Mexico won its independence from Spain in 1821, traders started developing mule-pack routes from Santa Fe to Los Angeles. Over the next 27 years, three main branches of what would come to be known as the Old Spanish Trail were developed, and by 1848, portions of one of these routes near Death Valley was developed into a wagon road by newly settled Mormon emigrants. By 1849, news of the California Gold Rush had spread around the world, and this route became one of many used by 49ers to get to California. But this was already a well-established route, utilized by various American Indian groups over many millennia. Download this enthralling 30-minute documentary to hear and see the history of this little-known route across the deserts and mountains of the American West while also learning about the impacts to the Paiute Indians and the ecological change that has taken place in a short amount of time on this well-preserved segment of historic trail. Produced in partnership with the Amargosa Conservancy and the Oregon-California Trails Association in concert with Knowledge Tree Films and Sunrunner Media, this movie was previously only available on KVCR (San Bernardino PBS) and FNX (First Nations Experience). Rent it for $3 or own it for $10.

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