Convention Information

Conventions involve the members and the income generated supports the activities of the association. The National Convention Guide is a board-adopted manual explaining how to run a convention. Chapters planning to host a convention are expected to use this resource to assist them in their planning. The Future Conventions committee arranges for future conventions. For more information about Future Conventions committee functions, look at the Member Committees.

During the OCTA convention in Ogden, Utah, in August 2018, then-OCTA President Pat Traffas stressed the critical need for a Convention Planning Committee to revise the convention planning process to lessen the burden on local chapters and simplify the process for everyone involved. The Convention Planning Committee Report was presented to the OCTA Board of Directors on March 14, 2019, in Independence, Missouri.

A complimentary benefit of the Committee’s work may be to assist with simplifying the symposium planning process as well. The term “event” used in this report refers to both conventions and symposiums.

2021 Elko Convention Documents:

Tour Guide Booklets

The Humboldt is South so Let’s Go North Tour

California Trail Highlights Tour

Lamoille Canyon Tour

Long Canyon Tour

Gravelly Ford Tour

Board Meeting Materials

Board Report – Sep. 2021

2009 Convention Documents:

2009 Convention Guide