Federal Historic Preservation Laws: The Official Compilation of U. S. Cultural Heritage Statutes, 5th Edition

Publication: US Department of the Interior

Author: National Park Service

Date of Publication: 2018

PDF File: Service-Federal-Historic-Preservation-Laws.pdf


This fifth version of Federal Historic Preservation Laws contains 28 federal laws and portions of laws that pertain to the preservation of the United States’ cultural heritage. Arranged chronologically, this publication demonstrates how the body of law has developed and grown over the course of the 20th century and beyond. Because of the variety and number of Federal statutes that contain some historic preservation component, this publication focuses on those statutes that are of key importance to historic preservation and cultural resources work. For many of the statutes in this publication, only the most pertinent sections are included. Though local communities have long been at the forefront of historic preservation initiatives, this book focuses exclusively on the development of Federal law and policy surrounding historic resources. Past versions of Federal Historic Preservation Laws have helped everyone from government agencies and lawyers, to university professors and everyday citizens, to reference and understand the Federal framework of historic preservation law. This newest update aims to build on that function by presenting recent changes in the law in an intuitive format so that that groups and individuals may continue to draw upon it as a tool to preserve what makes their communities special.