Kansas Historical Society (KSHS)

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Publication: Kansas Historical Society Website

Date of Publication: 2023

URL: https://www.kshs.org/


The Kansas State Historical Society was established in 1875. Today the agency programs and services draw more than 15.5 million people. Our collections and services are accessed in person and virtually through a variety of web-based resources. Historical Society programs are diverse and serve a large number of the state’s population as well as out-of-state patrons. The agency plays a critical role in state government by being the repository and caretaker of state records. We also administer both state and federal historic preservation programs that bring economic development to communities across the state. The Kansas Historical Society is the state agency that provides curriculum materials on state history to our K-12 schools helping them to meet their state-required coursework. The agency also plays a significant part in the state and local economies through its museums and historic sites.