The 1837 Ioway Indian Map Project: Using Geographic Information Systems to Integrate History, Archaeology and Landscape

Iowa GIS Map

Publication: University of Redlands, CA Thesis

Author: Mary Whelan

Date of Publication: July 2003

PDF File: Whelan-2003-The-1837-Ioway-Indian-Map-Project-Using-Geographi.pdf



In 1837 the Ioway Indians drew a map to bring to treaty talks with the United States government. The 1837 Ioway Map project uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to help extract cultural, archaeological, and historical information from this rare document. Project goals include: documenting Ioway cartographic conventions; georeferencing the Ioway map to a modern base map; extracting spatial, historical, ecological and archaeological information from the georeferenced map; and designing a variety of digital (CD, web site) and non-digital (museum exhibit) presentation formats to broadly disseminate the project results. Information on village and trail locations was arrived at through evaluation of the results of the six georeferencing methods in conjunction with other archaeological and historical data.