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President’s Message:

I would like to welcome you to the Oregon-California Trail Association (OCTA) website and encourage you to explore and take advantage of all it has to offer. In turn, I hope this would inspire you to join us and participate as a member in some of our activities as well as enjoy the stories of the Pioneers. You will find links to the eleven associated Chapters, and can join one (or more) and enjoy the outdoors, weather permitting, on the trail!

Our history is threatened as trail remnants are endangered by housing and industrial developments, transmission lines, solar panels, wind farms, and pipelines. It is our responsibility to know where the trails are, to accurately locate and map them, to preserve and protect them and to tell the stories of the Pioneers who traveled them. By joining us you can help protect the California and Oregon Trails and the history they represent.

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John Briggs


Oregon-California Trails Association