ACHP 2021: Report On Federal Historic Property Management

In Spirit of Stewardship

Publication: Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

Date of Publication: 2021

PDF File: ACHP-2021-Section-3-Report-v18-For-Flipping-Book.pdf



This is the sixth report to the President, required every three years under Executive Order (EO) 13287, “Preserve America,” addressing the state of the federal government’s efforts to identify, protect, and utilize their historic properties and their contribution to local economic development. EO 13287 reinforces the role of federal agencies as stewards of their historic properties and underscores the importance of federal agency efforts to inventory, protect, and use these properties. Federal historic properties play a diverse range of roles, from providing infrastructure critical for agency missions, to housing members of the military and federal offices, as sacred places important to Native Americans and Native Hawaiians, to sharing stories of American history with visitors.