Exploring Interpretive Trails

Publication: Journal of Community Archaeology & Heritage, Volume 2, No 2.

Author: Sonya Atalay

Date of Publication: May 2015

PDF File: Atalay-2015-Exploring-Interpretive-Trails.pdf

URL: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1179/2051819615Z.00000000030


Interpretive trails provide a point of intersection where archaeology, public anthropology, critical heritage studies, cultural preservation, and management all intersect and inform each other in important ways. As connective landscapes, interpretive trails share similarities with distinct archaeological sites and places, but trails are also remarkably different from single sites in important ways. Heritage trails pose their own sets of challenges and raise important questions that are of interest to scholars in diverse fields, governments at multiple levels, and a range of community members who live in, nearby, or who care about/for the places where trails pass through or connect.