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Join the Oregon-California Trails Association to help preserve our western trails heritage. Memberships in the national organization and the regional chapters have been designed to address varying member wishes and interests, ranging from individual and family memberships to institutional and corporate memberships, with several options in between!

Why Join OCTA?

An American heritage is at risk. The historic trails trod by half a million pioneers, gold rushers, adventurers, families – people in pursuit of a better life in the West – are under constant threat from development. Many miles of wagon ruts and swales still exist in silent testimony to those hardy souls who built the nation as we know it today. Join the Oregon-California Trails Association to help preserve our heritage. Memberships have been tailored to address varying member wishes and interests. Those with higher initial costs provide increased benefits.

OCTA Membership Benefits

  • Overland Journal is OCTA’s quarterly magazine which contains articles and book reviews concerning historic trails.
  • News From The Plains is OCTA’s quarterly newsletter which contains information about the activities of OCTA National, OCTA Regional Chapters, and OCTA members.
  • When you join OCTA, you will receive free access to Paper Trail, the website based on a searchable index of 19th Century westward American migration documents.
  • Potential members are required to join OCTA National first and then can proceed to join the various OCTA Regional Chapters of their choice.
  • Do you prefer to join OCTA by mail? Open and print our brochure.
    Membership Brochure  (2023 Updated PDF)
    Fax: 816-836-0989
  • Make a Donation to OCTA to help us Save The Trails!