South Dakota Archaeological Society (SDAS)

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The South Dakota Archaeological Society (SDAS) is comprised of individuals and institutions dedicated to understanding and preserving South Dakota’s fascinating prehistoric and historic cultural heritage. The SDAS links interested amateurs with responsible, ethical attitudes toward archaeological materials and professionals who Read More …

Arizona Archaeological Society (AAS)

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The Arizona Archaeological Society (AAS) welcomes you to our web site where you can learn more about archaeology around the state and how to actively participate in learning about and preserving our Arizona heritage.

Association for Washington Archaeology (AWA)

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Founded in 1981, the Association for Washington Archaeology is a non-profit organization committed to the protection of archaeological and historical resources in the State of Washington. Our membership consists mainly of professional archaeologists, although it is open to anyone with Read More …

Oregon Archaeological Society (OAS)

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A non-profit organization founded in 1951, OAS stresses the importance of working with professional archaeologists in the advancement of knowledge and educating the public.

National Association of State Archaeologists (NASA)

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Welcome to the National Association of State Archaeologists web site. This site provides a directory of State Archaeologists for the United States and its possessions. State Archaeologists can answer questions regarding laws, procedures, current research, educational programs, and other aspects Read More …