Gateway Research Committee Makes New Contacts

Brown County Map

The Gateway Research Committee has been working with Ron Koehler, editor of the “Hiawatha Daily World” newspaper, on a project designed to elicit information on the St. Joe Road from the northeast Kansas Public. Ron wrote an article about the Read More …

1989 Delaware River Crossing Salvage Dig: Feagins Talk In May

Delaware River Crossing

The Kansas State Historical Society (KSHS) as contracted with Jim Feagins to analyze artifacts in the Unmarked Burial Sites (UBS) collections before their probable repatriation. The topic of this talk is the study of one of the UBS collections.

Peterson Decides To Excavate

Peterson decided to excavate the eastern half of this orifice as one 2018 PA activity. In a day and a half, diggers completed down to 50 centimeters. Peterson suspects the feature may have been a cistern because the sides were Read More …

Council Grove Kaw Mission: Digging Fall 2018

Morris County, KS

The Kansas Historical Society (KSHA) and the Kansas Anthropological Association (KAA) returned to Council Grove for the KAA Fall Fling to see if two unanswered questions of the June Kansas Archeology Training Program (KATP) could be determined.

Review Of Lone Elm Activities

Lone Elm Swale

Lone Elm Campground was a busy campground on the Independence route of the Santa Fe-Oregon-California trails from about 1821 to 1870.

Signmasters Report

Captain's Creek Crossing

Several attempts have been made in the past by trail groups to verify the location of the Captain’s Creek Crossing of the Oregon-California Trail, east of Douglas County Line.

Kansas Dig At Fort Ellsworth

Fort Ellsworth Marker

During the first two weeks of June, the Kansas Archaeology Training Program (KATP) excavated three depressions at the site of Ft. Ellsworth, an Army post situated at the junction of the Ft. Riley-Ft. Larned Road and the Smoky Hill Trail Read More …

Wilderness Expedition: A Fun Challenge

Johnson County

Sixteen people turned out on Saturday morning, November 4th, in answer to Trails Head Chapter President Bill Bullard’s invitation to our first chapter expedition. Trails Head members met in the Wilderness Park section of northwest Johnson County, Kansas.