An Archaeological Curation Needs Assessment For Fort Riley, KS

Fort Riley

Publication: US Army Corps of Engineers

Author: Charles Slaymaker

Date of Publication: 1996



At the request of Fort Riley, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Mandatory Center Of Expertise for the Curation and Management of Archaeological Collections (MCX), St. Louis District conducted a survey and assessment of archaeological materials and associated documentation generated from archaeological investigations at Fort Riley. MCX personnel assessed approximately 216 ft3 of artifacts and 3.5 linear feet of associated documentation. Most (215 ft3) of the artifacts were recovered from the Hospital Latrine Project, 14HBS27. The Cavalry Museum at Fort Riley presently is curating approximately one cubic foot of artifacts from 14HBS27, Kansas State University is curating approximately 214 ft3 of artifacts from 14HBS27, and Wichita State University is curating another cubic foot of prehistoric and historic artifacts. All archaeological materials require partial rehabilitation to comply with existing federal guidelines and modern archival preservation.