Pioneer Village


I am proposing an outdoor museum to encompass buildings in the Gonzales area that date between the early 1800’s to the early 1900’s, to be erected on a site at the northwest part of the city of Gonzales.

Lower Pecos Prehistory: The View From The Caves

Pecos Rock Art

The Lower Pecos River region is one of the few areas of Texas where early history and prehistory are largely reconstructed from the archeology of caves and rock shelters. Prehistoric people lived in rock shelters, buried their dead in caves, Read More …

Search for the San Elizario Salt Road

Horse and Wagon

In 1863, the San Elizario Salt Road was built with public funds to provide access to seemingly endless salt deposits in relict lakebeds west of the Guadalupe Mountains in West Texas. At that time salt was more than a basic Read More …