Pawnee Geography Historical And Sacred (1853)


The earth is a fundamental religious symbol for American Indian peoples. Among horticultural and hunting tribes alike, Mother Earth is the female principle, the expression of fertility and creator of life, begetting vegetation, animals, and humans. In this elemental role Read More …

Looking West: Nebraska Trail Preservation


When we consider trail preservation, we tend to focus on the Western states since much of the surveying trail exists where other uses (also known as “progress”) have not resulted in its destruction. While there are impacts, Wyoming has the Read More …

Operations Research and Archaeology

Pony Express, Dawson County

Operations research is the systematic study of resource utilization through the manipulation of conceptual models. Used most often by engineers and managers, these models also have potential application in archaeology. Event tree analysis, which models multipart systems with a number Read More …

The Plum Creek Massacre Site

Plum Creek Site

Dr. Holen proposed that a geophysical survey be conducted to identify any potential archaeological remains associated with the attack, including the locations of burned wagons, and to seek evidence of the mass grave.

Archaeology in Nebraska’s State Parks

Dig in Nebraska

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission is celebrating its centennial in 2021.1 Over the century, Game and Parks has built a marvelousassortment of state parks, recreation areas, and wildlife management tracts. While the focus is outdoor recreation, many of these Read More …