A Cultural Resources Testing Program, Holbrook, Arizona

Holbrook, AZ

National Register of Historic Places. The three components at the Archer site consisted of a BIII-PI farmstead, a possible PII-III farmstead, and early 20th century artifact scatter. The Thompson House included (1) a. component that might be contemporaneous with earliest Read More …

Brigham City, Winslow, and Prospects for Renewal


Ballenger’s camp, one of the four Mormon colonies along the Little Colorado River in northern Arizona, was formally named Brigham City in 1878 in honor of Mormon leader Brigham Young. Brigham City was reasonably prosperous and could boast a school, Read More …

Obed: Death of a Mormon Colony

Obed Excavations

An apparently ideal location turned dangerous not long after the Mormon colonists chose the site on which to build the Obed Fort in 1876. The site was located next to two freshwater springs feeding a lush cienega, full of cattails Read More …

Mormon Settlement of the Forestdale Valley


Abandoned less than six years after its founding, the Mormon settlement in the Forestdale Valley, on what is now the Fort Apache Indian Reservation in east-central Arizona, continues to raise questions. The settlement in the Forestdale Valley, 60 miles south Read More …

Hohokam T-Shaped Stones

Hohokam T-shaped Stone

I stated last issue that there are no historic survivals of Hohokam T-shaped stones. A stout-hearted diffusionist might disagree. Although no such objects are known to me from the ethnographic Southwest or surrounding areas, similarly shaped food-processing tools are known Read More …

Preservation Issues Dominate Board

Maricopa County

Trail preservation issues dominated discussion at the Mid-Year OCTA Board meeting in Independence in April, where the Board of Directors approved a six-point resolution affirming that trail preservation is the organization’s top priority.