Archeological Investigations at John Redmond Reservoir, East Central Kansas, 1979.

Flint Hills

Publication: Kansas State Historical Society

Author: Randall M. Thies

Date of Publication: 1981

PDF File: Thies-Archeological-Investigations-at-John-Redmond-Reser.pdf

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In May, June, and July of 1979, an archeological survey investigation was carried out at John Redmond reservoir on the Neosho river in east central Kansas. The work was conducted by the Kansas State Historical Society for the U.S. Army Engineer District, Tulsa. A \ total of 85 previously unknown sites were identified, and 28 sites designated in earlier surveys were revisited. Limited testing was conducted at 25 sites, and extensive test excavations were carried out at four others. The efforts of the regular crew were supplemented by survey and testing activities of some 70 Kansas Archeological Training Program enrollees, directed by Society archeologists over a two-week period in June.