July Excavations At Fort Osage

Fort Osage

Presently a small museum site nearby the south of the reconstructed Ft. Osage, located on the Missouri River northeast of Independence, Missouri. Jackson County Parks and Recreation plans to replace this museum with a new education center, which will be Read More …

Update on Fort Osage

Fort Osage

John Peterson, the curator of collections for Jackson County Parks, and Jim Feagins, a contractor, conducted sample testing of the area slated for construction south of Fort Osage. Along with volunteers, they dug a few test squares and auger holes Read More …

Old Marbles Are A Rare Find

Old Marbles

Pony Express stables dig yields gems of old marbles belonging to the collection of Gloria Davis’ grandfather.

Excavations at Pony Express, St. Joseph, MO

Pony Express Station

Archaeological excavation at the historic site of the Pony Express stables was conducted by Michael Fisher during the 1990s. Today, the building has been restored and is a popular museum in St. Joseph, MO. Many significant artifacts were found in Read More …