Archaeological Investigations at the Fort Lowell-Adkins Steel Property Locus of Fort Lowell, AZ



The Fort Lowell-Adkins Steel property contains significant cultural resources spanning the prehistoric and historic periods. These include prehistoric pit structures, pits, artifact caches, and a trash mound. Historic period features include structural remains, planting pits, irrigation ditches, fence lines, and trash-filled pits. Features were located in all areas investigated throughout the parcel, and it is highly likely that additional features are present in unexplored areas. Desert Archaeology recommends that ground disturbing activities be limited. If unavoidable, the areas affected should be either explored by archaeological testing (backhoe stripping is the preferred testing method) or if limited disturbance is to occur, by monitoring the disturbance. It is recommended that data recovery take place to recover additional artifacts and samples to further address research questions regarding the prehistory and history of the property.