Hohokam T-Shaped Stones

Hohokam T-shaped Stone

Publication: Archaeology In Tucson, Vol. 5, No. 4

Author: Alan Feerg

Date of Publication: October 1991

PDF File: arch-tuc-v5-no4-1.pdf

URL: http://www.archaeologysouthwest.org/pdf/ait/arch-tuc-v5-no4.pdf


I stated last issue that there are no historic survivals of Hohokam T-shaped stones. A stout-hearted diffusionist might disagree. Although no such objects are known to me from the ethnographic Southwest or surrounding areas, similarly shaped food-processing tools are known from several South American tribes. They are used with a rocking motion as two-hand pestles or crushers, for grinding corn or manioc in wooden troughs.