Geophysical Investigations And Archaeological Monitoring Of The Underground Electric Line Installation Project Area At The Fort Larned National Historic Site, 14PA305, Pawnee County, Kansas

Fort Larned Washroom

Publication: Midwest Archaeological Center

Author: Steven L. De Vore & Melissa Baier

Date of Publication: 2014



The National Park Service’s Midwest Archeological Center staff with Volunteer In-Parks participants conducted geophysical investigations of the underground electric line installation construction project at Fort Larned National Historic Site (14PA305) in Pawnee County, Kansas. The geophysical survey was conducted in an attempt to identify any buried archeological remains associated with the fort in the vicinity of the construction project. The geophysical survey identified numerous buried archeological remains associated with the remnants of the military activities at the site, as well as more recent 19th- and 20th-century farming and park activities at the site. Fort Larned served as a base of military operations against the hostile Plains Indians and for protection of commerce along the eastern part of the Santa Fe Trail during the 1860s and 1870s.