Cultural Resource Reports No. 3 – Archaeological Investigations at Cow Hollow Park (35-ML-1416), Nyssa, Oregon

Publication: Boise State University ScholarWorks

Author: Mark Plew, Christopher Wilson, & John Kennedy

Date of Publication: 2007

PDF File: Plew-et-al.-Cultural-Resource-Reports-No.-3-Archaeological-I.pdf


Known regionally as a location of one of the Owyhee Dam construction camps, one of Oregon’s first CCC camps and a later Japanese-American internment camp, Cow Hollow is located roughly three miles east of Nyssa, Oregon (Figure 1). Since the 1960s, the site has served as a local area park with picnic facilities, tennis courts, and baseball diamonds. The park is administered by the Bureau of Reclamation and the Bureau of Land Management. To evaluate existing remnants of the camps, Boise State University was contacted regarding its availability to conduct a cultural resource evaluation of the area. In June 2007 Boise State University undertook archaeological evaluation of the Cow Hollow Park. This report documents the results of historical documentation of the site and survey and archaeological testing of the location