Assessing the Archaeological Resources of Mormon Nauvoo with Three-dimensional Geophysical Imaging

Nauvoo Pioneer District

Publication: Journal of Undergraduate Research, Brigham Young University

Author: John McBride

Date of Publication: July 2014

PDF File: Randall-et-al.-Assessing-the-Archaeological-Resources-of-Mormon-N.pdf


The principal objective of the project was to provide BYU students with the experience of exploring Nauvoo using ground-penetrating radar (GPR) in order to gain a better appreciation of early Mormon history from a geophysical and archaeological perspective. The objective was met by carrying out two field seasons in Nauvoo. In addition, the grant partially funded a field expedition to the LDS Far West Burying Grounds and Hawn’s Mill sites in Missouri in order to perform surveying work analogous to that performed in Nauvoo. Additional funding for this project was provided by the LDS Church History Department, which allowed more field seasons and supported increased student and faculty/staff participation. During the project period, results were presented at the annual conference of the Mormon Historical Association and one scholarly article published in Mormon Historical Studies