The 2010 Class III Archaeological Investigation For Sheepeater Cliff Site 48YE29, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Independence Rock

Publication: University of Montana

Author: Matthew Werle & Michael Livers

Date of Publication: 2011



The University of Montana archeological team, under the direction of Associate Professor Douglas H. MacDonald, conducted a full inventory of archaeological resources at the Sheepeater Cliff site (48YE29) in 20092010. Yellowstone National Park (YNP) proposes road widening and parking lot additions at the popular visitor attraction. The Sheepeater Cliff site (48YE29) is a prehistoric lithic scatter located near a popular rest stop and parking lot along the Norris to Mammoth Hot Springs Highway, approximately two miles south of Swan Lake Flats, in the northern portion of YNP. The site is three miles southwest of Bunsen Peak, bounded by the Gardner River to the southeast and the columnar basalt cliffs from which it derives its name. The Gardner River meets with Glenn Creek upon exiting the Sheepeater Canyon and then merges with Lava Creek seven miles to the northeast. The river then combines with the Yellowstone just outside of Gardiner, MT. Just upstream of 48YE29 is the nexus of the Gardner River, where Obsidian Creek and Indian Creek unite.