Phase 1A Historical And Archaeological Resources Inventory Report Tahoe Donner Trails Project Five-Year Implementation Plan Truckee, California Nevada County

Donner Pass

Publication: Tahoe Donner Association, Truckee, CA

Author: Susan Lindstrom

Date of Publication: 2015



As part of the Phase 1A study, Lindström initiated a search of archaeological records housed at the North Central Information Center at California State University, Sacramento, an adjunct of the State Office of Historic Preservation or SHPO. Results disclosed that 53 archaeological studies have been conducted within and/or adjacent to the 5YIPlan area and at least 26 archaeological sites have been formally recorded. None of the trails projects have been subject to complete archaeological coverage. While one-third of the trails have received some sort of partial archaeological coverage, most of that coverage is out of date in terms of current archaeological standards. Known historical and archaeological resources are within or in proximity to 50 percent of the trails. In terms of archaeological sensitivity, 55 percent fall in the moderate range, with 27 percent highly sensitive to contain historical and archaeological resources and the remaining trails spanning areas of low to moderate sensitivity. Given the above, it appears that none of the trails projects qualify for protocols that would exempt them from a field reconnaissance altogether. However, for those existing trails projects that occur in areas where considerable prior disturbance has occurred, cultural protocols should be reassessed on a case-by-case basis.