Personal Adornment And The Materiality of Social Memory: An Examination of the Shell Ornaments From Salmon Pueblo, New Mexico

Salmon ruins

Publication: Anthropology Department Theses and Dissertations. 52

Author: Jade L. Robinson

Date of Publication: 2018




Located on the north bank of the San Juan River 72 km north of Chaco Canyon, Salmon Pueblo occupies a significant place in the Middle San Juan region within the greater context of Chacoan regional dynamics in the Late Pueblo II (AD 900-1100) and Pueblo III (AD 1100-1300) periods (Figure 3.1). The great house, which rivals the size of great houses within Chaco Canyon, was constructed around AD 1090 with three stories and 275-300 rooms, as well as a Tower Kiva and Great Kiva (P. Reed 2006a). Substantial modification occurred during a secondary occupation between AD 1125 and 1280, with the subdivision of rooms and construction of more than 20 small room block kivas. These changes might correspond to a shift in population from the original Chaco inhabitants to a reoccupation by a local San Juan group.