Landuse Reconstruction At The Founding Settlement of Las Vegas, Nevada

Old Mormon Fort with Wagon

Publication: Historical Archaeology, Vol. 31, No. 4

Author: James Schoenwetter & John Hohmann

Date of Publication: December 1997

PDF File: Schoenwetter-and-Hohmann-1997-Landuse-reconstruction-at-the-founding-settlement-.pdf



Integration of artifactual, architectural, historical, geoarchaeological, faunal, macro-botanical, and palynological evidence provides the grounds for a model of the land use history of Las Vegas, Nevada, from the second quarter of the 19th century until 1905. The integrated model reinforces and elaborates upon land use changes noted in the historic record, but adds details to support a processual, explanatory, analysis that is not well-evidenced by available documentation. From this perspective, the land use history of Las Vegas appears always to have been more significantly influenced by socioeconomic factors than ecological conditions, a reality that continues to the present day.