Historical and Archaeological Investigations of the Rock Creek Stage and Telegraph Stations

Second Cold Springs Pony Express

Publication: Bureau of Land Management

Author: Donald L. Hardesty

Date of Publication: 1978

PDF File: 1978-Historical-and-archaeological-investigations-of-th.pdf

URL: https://forgottennevada.org/sites/files/ColdSprings.pdf


In the spring of 1978, the Bureau of Land Management contracted with the University of Nevada, Reno (ContractNo.NV950-CT8-0011) to conduct I preliminary historical and archaeological studies on two historic sites, designated as Rock Creek Stage Station (Cr-Nv-03-1119) and Rock Creek Telegraph Station (Cr-Nv-03-1120). Both belong to a complex of 19th century transportation and communications facilities tying together the eastern “heartland” of American civilization with its expanding western frontier. The sites are situated in the Edwards Creek Valley along side U.S. Route 50 at a point 60 miles east of Fallon, Nevada.