Donner Summit Public Utility District (DSPUD) Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades And Expansion (Nevada County)

Soda Springs CA

Publication: ECO:LOGIC Engineering Stantec

Author: Susan Lindstrom

Date of Publication: 2010

PDF File: 02_appendix-a_Donner-Summit-PUD-Final-Report.pdf


The Donner Summit Public Utility District (DSPUD) is proposing upgrades and improvements on its wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) and spray irrigation disposal system at Soda Springs, California (Nevada County). Project activities are planned on two separate parcels. The ten-acre site, which is partly developed, is situated south of the Yuba River and north of Interstate 80 on land under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Forest Service. The second site (“D4 parcel”) is a 25-acre parcel located south of Interstate 80 on land owned by Boreal Ski Corporation. It is bounded by the Union Pacific Railroad on the north and the Nevada-Placer County line on the south. In order to bring the WWTP into compliance with its current discharge permit that authorizes it to discharge into the South Yuba River, major improvements involve sludge drying beds, holding tanks, storage and feed facilities,