Archaeological Survey for the Snake Headwaters Project: 2013-2014 Survey and Evaluation Report

Snake River Headwaters

Publication: University of Montana

Author: Justin Pfau

Date of Publication: 2015

PDF File: Pfau-Archaeological-Survey-for-the-Snake-Headwaters-Pro.pdf



This report presents the summary of work completed by the University of Montana in 2013 and 2014 along the Lewis and Snake Rivers of southern Yellowstone National Park. This project, known as the Snake and Lewis Survey (The Snake Headwaters Project) is ongoing and has been initiated as part of the Wild and Scenic Rivers designation. This designation would help preserve these rivers natural setting for future visitors. This project falls under the auspices of Section 110 of the NRHP, which allocates funding for federal agencies to conduct preemptive archaeological inventories No current developments are planned in these river corridors, although ongoing road, trail and campsite maintenance occurs in the area and historic impacts on the landscape are evident. This report summarizes the methodology, survey results, and proposed interpretations and hypothesis associated with historic and prehistoric human use of the southernmost sections of the park.