A Pioneer Burial Near the Historic Bordeaux Trading Post

Map Of Burial Sites

Publication: Plains Anthropologist, Vol. 29, No. 105

Author: George Gill, John W. Fisher, & George Zeimens

Date of Publication: 1984

PDF File: Gill-et-al.-1984-A-Pioneer-Burial-Near-the-Historic-Bordeaux-Tradin.pdf

URL: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/2052546.1984.11909204


During archaeological excavations within the perimeter of a small Plains Indian burial ground, near the historic Bordeaux Trading Post, eastern Wyoming, the grave of a White frontiersman was found. The large statured skeleton shows evidence of multiple gunshot wounds and other pathological conditions, as well as some well-preserved clothing and additional items which provide valuable cultural information. The skeleton con tributes to a small but growing body of data regarding aspects of health and lifestyle of White pioneers in the Great Plains.