Southern Trails Chapter

Covering Arizona, California, New Mexico, Oklahoma & Texas

Identifying and Preserving the Southern Trails to California.


The Southern Trails Chapter of OCTA is dedicated to studying and preserving a network of early migration and trade routes that led through the southwestern states to California. One of the major trail systems in this area is known as the Southern Trail. Its variants originate in Oklahoma and Texas and pass through New Mexico and Arizona, terminating in Southern California. The Southern Trails Chapter is working toward gaining National Historic Trail status for this route. Won’t you join us?


President: Mark Howe
Past President: Reba Wells Grandrud
Vice President: Cecilia Bell
Secretary: Susan Loucks
Treasurer: Dave Smythe
State Director, Arizona: Doug Hocking
State Director, New Mexico: Cecilia Bell
State Director, Oklahoma: David Miller
State Director, Southern California: 
Jud Mygatt
State Director, Texas: 
Harry Hewitt
Desert Tracks Editors: 
Deborah and Jon Lawrence
Tom Jonas
Rose Ann Tompkins
Membership Coordinator: 
Steffany Palma
Facebook Manager: 
Jan Iwashita