Overland Journal 25-2, Summer 2007


“A Tribute to the Emigrant Graves at Robidoux Pass” by Merill J. Mattes; “The Look of the Elephant: Scott’s Bluff” by Andy Hammond; “Belief in the Ghosts of Ancestors” by Bill Martin; “America’s Historical Opportunity” by Howard R. Driggs; “Rattlesnakes and Ruts” by Candy Moulton; “Trail Preservation: Twenty-five Years of Challenge and Achievement” by David J. Welch; “It’s Up to Us: Mapping, Marking , Monitoring” by Kathy Franzwa; “Preservation Through Collaboration: Oregon-california Trails Association and the National Park Service” by Jere Krakow; “Dreams and Visions: The Future of OCTA” by Vern Gorzitze