Overland Journal 18-1, Spring 2000


“The Look of the Elephant:Diary Quotes” by Andy Hammond; “Picture This: The Salt Lake Desert Treadmill: The Hastings Cutoff by Roy Tea; The Whitman-Spalding Marker at South Pass by Dorothy b. Duffin; Some Swell Swales by Fred W. Dykes; A Special Place by Charles W. Martin Jr.; From Point of Rocks, on the Cherokee Trail by Lee Whiteley; The Map on the Wall by Rose Ann tompkins; “Some Must Push, Some Must Pull” by Rosemary G. Palmer; The Grand Pioneer Parade by William R. Lindley; History: Fact, Fiction, Myth and Malarkey by Andy Hammond; On the Southern Route, San Miguel del Vado by Patricia A. Etter”; “The Opening of the Carson River Route: An Essay” by Frank Tortorich, Jr.; “Water Wasn’t Everywhere” by Jacqueline Williams