Emigrant Names 2 CD Set


OCTA’s tool for Trail historians and genealogists is the Emigrant Names II Compact Disk Set, a 2 disk set, includes the Emigrant Names and the Survey Scans. From more than 3,000 trail-related letters, diaries and articles, trained researchers have gleaned every name mentioned by overland travelers. Search for any name and find the pertinent travel information for all those with that name. The CD also identifies the original document for each name and the document’s location. Nearly 70,000 names are listed. The Survey Scans give you a page-by-page view of each survey of the document containing the names. COED (Census of Emigrant documents) committee surveyors have produced thousands of surveys of documents from libraries and private collections all over the U.S. The disks are easy to use with Windows 98 and higher versions. (Not available for MacIntosh.

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