Martin Ringo

Martin Ringo
Converse County, Wyoming


In May 1864, Martin and Mary Peters Ringo and their five children left their home in Gallatin, Missouri, to migrate overland to California. They traveled with a group of about 70 wagons. In early morning of July 30, Martin Ringo’s shotgun fired accidentally in his hands and he was killed instantly. He was 45 years old. A friend wrote: “He was buried near the place he was shot, in as decent a manner as was possible with the facilities on the plains.” His family reached and settled in San Jose.


About 2 miles west of Glenrock, Wyoming

The site is on private property.


Source: Randy Brown and Reg Duffin, Graves and Sites on the Oregon and California Trails, OCTA, 2nd edition, 1998, pp 114-115

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