John Hollman

John Hollman Grave
Garden County, Nebraska


For many years nothing was known of John Hollman other than his tender age of 19 and his home state of Missouri. The inscription on his headstone is barely legible. A State of Nebraska Oregon Trail marker says “John Hollman Died June 5, 1852.”

Research conducted in the past 10 years has revealed more information about this young man. See the OCTA marker below.


South of Oshkosh, Garden County, Nebraska

Drive south on Nebraska 27 from Oshkosh. Cross the North Platte River bridge, and turn right onto a graveled county road. Drive 0.1 mile west, the grave is on the right (north) on top of a knoll.

The site is in private ownership but is open to the public.


Source: Randy Brown and Reg Duffin, Graves and Sites on the Oregon and California Trails, OCTA 2nd edition, 1998, p 16

To learn more: This publication is available for purchase.

plaque with text about emigrant John Hollman