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News From the Plains
March 17, 2020

News From the Plains Spring 2020
Special Message from OCTA Board Member Jean Coupal-Smith Regarding COVID-19

News From the Plains
Spring 2020
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Special Message from OCTA Board Member 
Jean Coupal-Smith Regarding COVID-19
Dear OCTA National Board and members,

It is my recommendation, as a Board member and Chairman of Committee A (which oversees Headquarters operations), that we follow recommendations set forth by the City of Independence, MO and surrounding cities, and the CDC regarding unnecessary contact regarding the COVID-19 Virus at this time.

My recommendation would be that HQ only be accessible by Staff: Kathy Conway, Travis Boley, and Sharron Gregg. The National Frontier Trails Museum and every other historic site in Independence is now closed until further notice to any outside visitation! This is also being practiced in many other locations as well. As of today, the city also closed City Hall, the city’s utilities office, and ordered the closure of all bars, restaurants, theaters, bowling alleys, and other similar gathering places.

Because I still work at Hobby Lobby, our policy regarding the public has also increased awareness and all extra precautionary measures are in place to keep surfaces sanitized after each customer goes through our checkout stands. This is something that Headquarters should not have to practice if only limited to its immediate staff, and they can practice their “due diligence” to keep their workspaces sanitized.

I feel if we all are smart about what and where we should go and do that we are doing our part to help keep people from contacting this disease and spreading to our homes and families.

Thank you for your time and consideration of this extra measure of practice.

Jean Coupal-Smith