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Tens of thousands of California ‘49ers crossed what is today Nevada from 1845 -1870. They  followed the Humboldt River, which is the same route used by Interstate 80 today. They depended on the Humboldt River for water…until the river disappeared into the ground at the “Humboldt Sink” near today’s Lovelock. They then crossed a forty-mile desert to reach the next life-saving river….before they faced the intimidating mountains leading into California.

The Pony Express riders and stations in 1860 also faced challenging conditions. Their route was later followed by the old Lincoln Highway, and finally today’s US 50. The route is called, “The Loneliest Road in America.” But today’s pioneers can find a fun road trip on Highway 50.

No matter which direction you take down these historic routes, you will discover the bold, indomitable spirit of the pioneers is alive and kicking in Nevada today!

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