Zoom Speaker Event: Terror on the Santa Fe Trail – Kit Carson and the Jicarilla Apache

Thursday, May 20th, 5 PM PDT(AZ)/8 PM EDT

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The range of the Jicarilla Apache covered a third of the Santa Fe Trail on both the Cimarron Cut-off and the Mountain Branch. At any time, they could cut New Mexico off from the Union striking cold fear in the hearts of leaders in Santa Fe. Three times when angered they closed the trail, but in 1854 they had been at peace for four years. Governor Meriwether predicted a war caused by the policies of his predecessor. But it didn’t come. Then Lieutenant Davidson attacked a peaceful camp of Apaches. They defended themselves with 100 warriors to his 60 dragoons. Twenty-two dragoons died and the rest were wounded while the Jicarilla suffered only 3 casualties. The governor had his war which was officially declared. Davidson became a hero and after almost two years of pursuing and killing Apache, the governor made almost the same peace treaty as his predecessor. Through it all Kit Carson was enemy, neighbor, friend, scout, and their Indian agent and finally, led their last war party.


Presented by the Southern Trails Chapter of the Oregon California Trails Association with award-winning author, Doug Hawking