E-News December 14, 2020

Scam Alert

If anyone received an email from OCTA leadership asking for the purchase of gift cards, please disregard it. It is a scam. It appears that at least one email address was compromised.

The Oregon-California-Santa Fe Trail 30K

To help promote the creation a 47-mile long hiking/biking trail in the historic corridor of the Oregon-California-Santa Fe Trails in the Greater Kansas City area, OCTA Association Manager Travis Boley will run three 10Ks in that corridor on Saturday, December 26. They will be livestreamed and narrated here beginning at 9 AM Central. The other two runs will begin at 12:30 PM Central and 4:15 PM Central. The narrators will point out significant historic sites, developed sites, and work that remains to be done. The Missouri cities of Sugar Creek, Independence, Raytown, Kansas City, and several towns in Kansas will be featured. Above is an artist’s rendering a the new bridge over U.S. Highway 24 in Independence that serves as the entrance to the Harry S Truman Presidential Library. Note the three trail logos and the built recreational trail connecting to other sites to the north and south. You will see the nearly-complete bridge during the course of the run, among many other highlights in the Greater Kansas City area.You can help sponsor these runs starting at $1/kilometer. All proceeds benefit the Oregon-California Trails Association, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Every $30 ($1/km) sponsor will receive an event t-shirt, with other gifts available at the $2/km, $3/km, and $4/km levels (see below for more details). In order to follow the livestream, simply “like” the event  Facebook page or follow OCTA’s Facebook page. A YouTube highlight video will be created for those who do not have Facebook.

Anyone not already a member of OCTA will receive both the t-shirt and a membership at the $60 level. OCTA members will have the choice of the following items:

-$30 level: t-shirt
-$60 level: t-shirt and a copy of “Graves and Sites on the Oregon-California Trails”
-$90 level: the two items above plus a copy of “Historic Inscriptions on Western Historic Trails”
-$120 level: the three items above plus a DVD copy of “In Pursuit of a Dream”

The purpose of the run is to highlight the work already done in the historic trail corridor and to point out the work that remains to be done. Once complete, it will be the nation’s first retracement trail built in a major urban area over a National Historic Trail corridor. We hope you can join us for some of the live streams on Saturday, December 26. To become a sponsor, simply go to our “Donate Now” page and enter your amount and “trail run sponsorship” in the designation line.

Extreme Athletes to Retrace Steps of Donner Party’s “Forlorn Hope:

Four extreme athletes, Bob Crowley, Tim Twietmeyer, Jennifer Hemmen and Elke Reimer, will follow the trail of the Forlorn Hope. It has taken seven years of research, both literary and physically, to ascertain what was the most logical of the misguided and desperate route the 1846 party took. This reprise will be a tribute to the original Forlorn Hope’s story, their courage, perseverance, and their sacrifice as they beat the elements undertaking the greatest endurance feat in history.

The four athletes will be leaving Donner State Park at 7 a.m. on Dec. 16, 174 years after the original event. Their approximately 100-mile route will take them up and over the eastern Sierra at Donner Pass (7,057 feet), across the high chaparral, into and across the daunting North Fork American River canyon and down the foothills to the northern Sacramento Valley.

Read more here.

OCTA Seeks To Fill Western Regional Representative Position

For the past several years, retired National Park Service veteran Sharon Brown has ably filled our Western Regional Representative position. She has now decided to retire a second time as of December 31, so the Oregon-California Trails Association (OCTA) is now seeking an able replacement. OCTA will be accepting applications and resumes through Friday, December 18. We hope to fill the position by early January.

The primary function is to assist the OCTA President, Association Manager, and Chapter Members and Volunteers in carrying out organization functions. The five western OCTA chapters (Northwest, California-Nevada, Idaho, Utah Crossroads, and Southern Trails) may receive priority attention. We are seeking an individual who lives generally in the western United States who has a home office with an internet-connected computer and phone. Some travel may be required.


1. Promote OCTA’s Mission by assisting OCTA Chapter Members and Volunteers:

a) Support efforts to increase public awareness of the trails, including but not limited to making public speaking engagements with service clubs, government organizations, historic/archaeological societies, and others

b) Serve as a liaison with OCTA National, the National Park Service (NPS), other governmental agencies, and other trail and historical organizations.

c) Assist with educational research and seek to develop MOUs with universities and other historical and/or archaeological societies

d) Assist chapters, members, and volunteers with promotions and projects, outreach, and establishing priorities, especially with signing and site development, app development, and programs to attract people to trail sites

e) Attend chapter meetings and events upon invitation

f) Participate in chapter president conference calls

g) Assist chapters, members, and volunteers to identify and develop chapter leadership

2. Assist OCTA Chapters, members, and volunteers with:

a) identifying and promoting projects for trail protection and development

b) identifying funding opportunities to accomplish protection and development of the trails, including trail interpretive and preservation projects.

3. Assist the OCTA Association Manager in sustaining and growing membership.

4. Assist OCTA Association Manager in liaison with NPS National Trails Office – Santa Fe.

5. Serve as OCTA’s clearinghouse and information center for trail preservation and development activities by and in OCTA Chapters, including, but not limited to, a calendar of events, assisting chapters with promotional material, and encouraging chapters to have a presence at related events.

6. Assist in developing annual Task Agreements with NPS National Trails Office – Santa Fe Cooperative Agreement.

7. Assist in the review, revision, and execution of OCTA’s Strategic Plan.

The Scope of Work is primarily to assist the Association Manager in carrying out OCTA’s functions including, but not limited to the Duties and Responsibilities as described in this agreement. The Western Regional Representative (WRR) is expected to devote an equivalent of 26-27 hours per week over the course of the 39 week contract. The position pays $23.85/hour, not to exceed 1,040 hours. The term of contract will run through September 30, 2021, and may possibly be renewed, subject to approval by the OCTA Board of Directors. This position is as an independent contractor and not an employee of OCTA.

To apply, please send a cover letter and resume by Friday, December 18 to John Winner and Travis Boley at swinner@dataentree.com and tboley@indepmo.org.

Do You Shop on Amazon?

If you shop at Amazon, be sure to use Your AmazonSmile Impact and designate the Oregon-California Trails Association as your non-profit of choice. OCTA will get 0.5% of your purchase total every time you shop.