Join the Oregon-California Trails Association

Memberships have been tailored to address varying member wishes. Those with higher initial costs provide increased benefits.

Membership Benefits

  • Overland Journal is OCTA’s quarterly magazine which contains articles and book reviews concerning historic trails.
  • News from the Plains is OCTA’s quarterly newsletter which contains information about the activities of OCTA National, OCTA Chapters, and OCTA members.
  • Time Travelers is a program in which OCTA participates that allows OCTA members to receive a variety of special benefits, such as free admission or gift shop discounts when they visit Time Travelers affiliates. There are 185 museums and historic sites in 45 states that participate in the program.
  • When you join OCTA, you will receive free access to Paper Trail, the website based on a searchable index of 19th century westward American migration documents.